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Working together for Success

Fairhomes sees successful long-term partnerships as a crucial factor to our continued success in the property market. Our successful track record for delivery and careful selection of opportunities has been of fundamental importance in building long term relationships with a number of mainstream banks and funding partners.

Whether in finance, marketing or sales it is the careful selection of our partners that share our ethos and goals that has ensured we achieve the maximum from every project we embark upon.


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Our partners have included RBS, Nat West, Nationwide, Bank of Ireland and Barclays, with whom we have had a working relationship for more than 20 years.

We are able to use these relationships to provide practical advice and physical backing for new and existing investments and development projects.



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Technology is crucial to the way we grow our business and deliver effective results and returns.

We work with companies in Asia, North America and the UK who are engaged in the use of the latest technology to create effective business solutions.

Corporate & Business

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We also work with a large number of external business partners throughout Europe and further afield who are able to offer us prompt financial, legal and general business and property advice. Just some of our extensive network of partners includes Grant Thornton, Lovells LLP, Deloitte, Credit Suisse and CBRE.

We also strive to build and maintain relationships with stakeholder members of local communities such as local and national politicians.

corporate & private investors

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As a group and as individuals we often engage in opportunities with joint venture partners including both corporate and private investors. Our Fund Management business enables the private and institutional investor to align themselves with us and co-invest alongside uss when investing in distressed, turnaround and special situations through a Fund structure.

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Fairhomes is a Gibraltar based group that focuses on investing and managing real estate throughout the world.

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