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About Us


Fairhomes is a Gibraltar based group that focuses on investing, developing and managing real estate throughout the world.

We analyse and identify opportunities where fundamentally strong and secure, income-producing property can be acquired to maximise yields, either through asset management or by dealing direct with entities looking to release capital assets.

Based in Gibraltar and founded in the early 1990s, Fairhomes is not only the largest private real estate developer in Gibraltar, but also has an extensive global portfolio that spans four continents. We have grown organically from a regional investor to a global real estate development and investment company.

Today, we are represented by a significant number of employees across various global locations. Our group of industry experts is passionate about real estate investment, development and management, and committed to adding tangible economic value across our real estate portfolio.


  • Real estate acquisition, investment and development
  • Real estate portfolio asset management
  • In-depth real estate industry and market analysis
  • Identification of distress, turnaround and special real estate situations
  • Acquisition, development and sale of large scale regeneration and development projects
  • Structuring, launching, co-investing and managing property investment funds
  • Potential development land assembly

Benefits at a glance

  • World class expertise
  • 100% independent and privately owned
  • Maintain above average yields on all our investments and developments
  • Minimise risk and any down cycles in the real estate market
  • Extensive global portfolio that spans two continents
  • Over 20 years track record of sustained growth, customer satisfaction, and innovation.
  • Successfully completed a significant number of projects

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Fairhomes is a Gibraltar based group that focuses on investing and managing real estate throughout the world.

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Fairhomes Gibraltar Limited, 

Leisure Island Business Centre, 

Leisure Island,
 Ocean Village,
Gibraltar GX11 1AA

Tel : + 350 200 400 48
Fax : + 350 200 400 68

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